PowerDesigner DataArchitect

PowerDesigner DataArchitect 16.1

Organize, modify and present business modeling data
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Build data models and business information architecture. Analyze files, display them in a structured manner, visualize current project details, work with metadata, etc. Streamline project work via simplified file sharing. Synchronize components for shared editing.

PowerDesigner DataArchitect is the industry-leading enterprise data modeling and architecture tool. Innovative Link & Sync technology allows users to visualize, analyze and manipulate metadata to streamline communication and collaboration. PowerDesigner models are fully integrated. PowerDesigner models integrate metadata across all model types with Link & Sync. Data modelers, data analysts, architects and developers can take advantage of technology-centric metadata management capabilities, while IT managers and non-technical staff can benefit from business-centric techniques, all integrated into one common, easy-to-use framework.

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